Monday, December 27, 2010


A non-gainer related post..kind of..

To those who had/have inquiries about me continuing the story, to be honest i never really intended on it being a continuation kind of thing; i do feel like i at least you one more chapter and then ill go from there.

Sidebar for the sidebar:
About my youtube account(thefatquarters)'s inactivity, when i made videos i received permission to post them from friends i have on flickr. Flickr has since instated a copyright policy, so right clicks are not allowed and im a little aprehensive to find a way to start posting again anyways. Thank you for your continued support though.


I feel like i should start blogging again, no real reason to be honest,just an open forum kind of deal; somewhere to pen down the most general of thoughts.

Get with it.
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Chapter Soon!!

I'm so sorry i havent been updating guys, school is getting hectic. I promise a new chapter soon! &hearts

Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Travels D:

Ahhh..tis the season to be..hectic haha, but yes it truly gets very hectic, very fast. One thing i love to do is travel and every year i usually go to New York to visit family and what not, but this year im making a change, but not drifting to far away. This year im heading to Pennsylvania :D So if anyone is out there hit me up LMAO. But yes the gains have been slow but im not rushing anything. I'm currently at 198 or so. I may post a video this week or wait until after xmas >..> lol.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Higher Learning Grows a Gut Final Part...or is it O:

The walk back to the dorm was far from uneventful. Ryan continued to lay his head on David's chest as David continued to hold onto Ryan's overfull belly. Soon they passed by a familiar face, one of Davids old football buddies Zac. "Dave is that you?" "Zac, hey dude what's up, it's been almost a year since i seen you last, you look...." Dave let his words trail off as he tried to take in the changes in which Zac undertook. "I look what..go ahead and say it..FAT right?", said Zac as he smacked his protruding gut. "Well..since you put it out there..yeah, what happened, you used to be the fittest player on the team?" "Well remember when i broke my leg, i was out for the entire season, pretty much all i did whilst i was out was eat, and being here hasnt helped at all.", explained Zac as lifted up his shirt to expose a plump, meaty middle where stretchmarks told the tales of nights where he'd sit and gorge himself into a food coma. "So...i guess i'll see you around the Dave", said Zac. "Yeah..see you around.", said David as he and Ryan continued to walk back to the dorm. The door to the room bursted open and as soon as Ryan walked in he shed his restricting clothes. He took a step in front of the full size mirror and began to smack and rub his overgorged belly. "You think im gettin' fat Dave?", asked Ryan. "'Think?' No, I KNOW you're getting fat Ryan.", said Dave as he walked up behind him. Ryan slightly hesitated as Dave put his hands on Ryan's soft full gut. Ryan felt his cock stir. "You see this, its unacceptable.", said David as he wobbled Ryan's belly up and down from behind. Now time had stopped, Ryan turned around and gazed into David's light blue eyes, he took a step forward pushing his gut into David. " it?", said Ryan honestly. David put his hands on Ryan's sprouting love handles as he leaned in seamless for a kiss. "But-but David..i thought you weren't..", Ryan stammered. "Shush boy.", David cooed. He walked Ryan over and authoritatively pushed him onto the bed. David grinded Ryan and kissed him deeply. He leaned over the bed and tugged out his bag and revealed a Little Debbie snack cake and shoved it into Ryan's mouth. David tugged Ryans shirt off and began to kiss and caress his belly. Ryan leaned in for another passionate kiss. "Yeah i think im gonna like it here.", said David nonchalantly.


Thoughts? tell me what you think O:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy birthday me! :D

Damn..should have posted this sooner, oh well who's keeping tabs haha but anyways my birthday was we..yesterday haha i am officially 18 years old and i dont feel much different. I didn't really eat that much today i in fact lost 2 pounds D: but upon the highly positive feedback of my first video expect a new one soon like in a week or two :D&hearts

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My YouTube Debut :D

Thoughts &hearts

Friday, November 27, 2009

The best post Thanksgiving video ive seen O: