Sunday, November 29, 2009

My YouTube Debut :D

Thoughts &hearts

Friday, November 27, 2009

The best post Thanksgiving video ive seen O:

Video tomorrow..maybe :D

yeah so be on the lookout O:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happeh Thanksgiving:) know what that up! Lay off the protein and indulge in the carbs and fat :D
Be sure to tape it ;O lol ill pick my favorite post thanksgiving gainer video either today or tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The logistics behind being lonely..

So what i don't have right now is a boyfriend so lets just put it out there haha. I'm not upset at the fact, but this is time for me. So i can work on myself so that i can be the best i can when that special guy comes along. How i see most relationships is that most people are afraid to be alone, so they go and find someone they know can never have a future with just to be in someones arms or to even show off to their friends. Like me for example, i just wanted a guy to distract me from my ever changing life, and when he went away i realized how empty i was, how i put all of my time and energy into drama. Some people just love to get caught up in the drama of not just a relationship, but the drama in life as well. They feed on it, I used to be one of those people..hell i still am, but I've gotten to the point of asking myself..why? In reality when you get into heartless relationships you are blocking the one that you should be with from getting to you.

P.S. - Isn't it funny how we never get the one we want, but we end up with the one we're supposed to have

The hottest guy ive seen all year..

No words...O:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The concept of me gaining..

So...people have been asking me alot more now why i don't gain. Now its not that i'm totally against doing it because lets face it, i make videos about it haha, but it's just this is going to sound horrible, but i feel as if people would accept me more if i were skinny and id fit in with the crowd better, which is not the most intelligent or self empowering thing to do. Recently I've been thinking more and more about starting to gain i dont know, but its become increasingly hot to notice my own chubbiness now :O So who knows maybe i'll make a video soon..very soon. &hearts Thoughts?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Higher Learning Grows a Gut Part 2

David and Ryan walked across the room to Tyler. "Hey boy!” said Ryan casually. "Mmmpf", said Tyler muffled by the food in his mouth. "Oh my God Tyler, swallow your fucking food first ugh", said Ryan as he turned around disgusted. *Gulps* "Sorry about that, hehe", said Tyler embarrassed. "I guess I'm getting a little bit caught up in this eating thing", said Tyler as he sat back letting his shirt ride up several inches. "Oh? By the looks of that, I’d say you've gotten alotta bit into this eating thing", said Ryan playfully as he poked Tyler’s overstuffed gut. "Ooof, Hold on there partner that's a full tank you're playing with.” said Tyler as he struggled to get up. "By the way, who is your new friend you didn't introduce me to?" "Pssht whatever this is David, he just transferred here." Tyler took a step back and gave David a full body check. "Well,'s very nice to meet you David, hope to see you around." “I hope to as well...” said David letting the words linger in the air for a second. They both watched as Tyler made his way out of the cafeteria, swaggering under his increased girth; he moved between tables as his widened hips pushed away chairs on their own accord. "God has he changed...” "For the better, no? I think he looks fine.” said David nonchalantly. "Are you serious Mister I-Workout-Everyday?” said Ryan startled and intrigued at the same time. "Yea I think the weight adds character.” said David honestly. "Whatever let’s just grab something to eat, I’m starved." said Ryan. "Yea why don't you go find us a seat and I’ll get our food.” said David with a sly grin. "Okay get me something yummy.” said Ryan skipping across the cafeteria. "Oh you will get something yummy.” said David devilishly in his mind. He got himself a double bacon cheeseburger and he got Ryan three double cheeseburgers, 4 brownies, and 2 lavish sized slices of cheesecake. David grabbed the tray which was heavier than he'd expected. He made his way to the table where Ryan was sitting, right next to the window. "I come bearing gifts!” said David playfully. "Well let me take a look 'Santa'.", said Ryan. *sighs* "David this is way too much food, how am I supposed to eat all of this?” said Ryan anxiously. "Just shut up and eat, you said you were starving.” replied David. "Okay Mister Literal.", said Ryan sarcastically as he lifted the first burger. Ryan tore through the burger like he hadn’t eaten for 2 days. He barely came up for air, he hadn't been focused on something like this so intently before and it startled him. "Are you ok Ryan?” said David concerned. "Um...yea i'm just eating...god you haven't even touched your food Dave.” replied Ryan. "I'm just not hungry", said David modestly. Finally the attack seized and Ryan hit the back of the chair hard with an "Oooof." "Oh my God...I didn't know I was so hungry...i guess i WAS starving haha.” said Ryan while he rubbed his overfull gut in slow circles. "Yeah even I don't eat the much.” said David shocked and for the strangest reason, turned on. "Well let's head back, don't you have a Chemistry test tomorrow?” asked David. "Oh shit I totally forgot.” said Ryan. "Let's go.” said Ryan as he tried to lift himself up, his shirt had ridden up to his navel, but he was too groggy to even care. Ryan put his arm around David and laid his head on David’s chest. David hesitated at first, but then put his hand on Ryan’s swollen gut and began to rub it in slow circles. "Mmmmm that feels good.", said Ryan.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chubby College Boys 7

A collection of guys once again :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Higher Learning Grows a Gut Part 1

"AGGGGHHH!!", the scream seemed to echo throughout the entire campus. It was just David, the newly found gym rat, pushing himself to the maximum once again. He never hit this gym this hard before, but ever since stepping on the USC campus he felt the overwhelming urge to start an all out workout regimen lest the freshman fifteen sneak up on him. "Hey Dave you alright",said Ryan as he pushed his dusty blonde bang out of his vision. "I'm fine Ry just trying to get these quads better developed, i guess i got a little carried away with the screaming", chuckled David. "You look quite fine to me, i don't know why you work out so much", said Ryan yearningly. David was an adorable and mature featured young man, at about an inch past six-foot, he wasn't the fittest or the pudgiest, but a "gut" wasn't ever a part of his anatomical structure. Even if he gained a bit of weight, a few abs always poked through. "I work out all the time because i don't want to end up like that", said David jokingly as he poked Ryan's newly developed belly. Ryan was a typical California surfer boy, frizz-less tousled dirty blonde hair, and a washboard stomach that was now a thing of the past thanks to late night trips to taco bell and overindulgence at dinnertime. "Ha ha laugh all you want those abs wont last forever", said Ryan slyly with more than a bit of seriousness in his tone. "Yeah yeah whatever", said David blowing off the comment, "That workout has me starved, are you hungry?", said David. "Oh of course", replied Ryan with a hint of sarcasm. The double doors swung open and the boys entered the cafeteria which was bustling with activity. "Hey I'll go get us a table", said Ryan. David didn't seem to comprehend, he was too occupied letting his eyes follow a guy. "", said David astonishingly. "Who? Oh him? that's just Tyler.", replied Ryan; "He's a freshman..i think; yeah he's just not the same anymore, not after he quit the soccer team." "What do you mean?", inquired David. "I mean he's getting..kinda fat ya know?" David let his words echo through the caverns of his mind for a second, swiftly turned around and glanced at Tyler. He was just shy of six-foot one; He also had a knack for style, but today must have been one of his off days because he had on a red tank-top that fit all too snugly and black basketball shorts, also he seemed to tug his shirt down quite often. David was enchanted by the sight of how Tyler was attacking his food. “You know..WE CAN go and say ‘hi’ to him if you want”, said Ryan with an eyebrow raised and smirk on his face. “Yeah..yeah ok”, replied David hastily.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello Again!!

I've decided to reopen this blog; No use in wasting space on the internet. Also i think it would be wonderful to share and discuss topics that may or may not pertain to gaining/encouraging, i.e. my life.