Monday, November 16, 2009

Higher Learning Grows a Gut Part 1

"AGGGGHHH!!", the scream seemed to echo throughout the entire campus. It was just David, the newly found gym rat, pushing himself to the maximum once again. He never hit this gym this hard before, but ever since stepping on the USC campus he felt the overwhelming urge to start an all out workout regimen lest the freshman fifteen sneak up on him. "Hey Dave you alright",said Ryan as he pushed his dusty blonde bang out of his vision. "I'm fine Ry just trying to get these quads better developed, i guess i got a little carried away with the screaming", chuckled David. "You look quite fine to me, i don't know why you work out so much", said Ryan yearningly. David was an adorable and mature featured young man, at about an inch past six-foot, he wasn't the fittest or the pudgiest, but a "gut" wasn't ever a part of his anatomical structure. Even if he gained a bit of weight, a few abs always poked through. "I work out all the time because i don't want to end up like that", said David jokingly as he poked Ryan's newly developed belly. Ryan was a typical California surfer boy, frizz-less tousled dirty blonde hair, and a washboard stomach that was now a thing of the past thanks to late night trips to taco bell and overindulgence at dinnertime. "Ha ha laugh all you want those abs wont last forever", said Ryan slyly with more than a bit of seriousness in his tone. "Yeah yeah whatever", said David blowing off the comment, "That workout has me starved, are you hungry?", said David. "Oh of course", replied Ryan with a hint of sarcasm. The double doors swung open and the boys entered the cafeteria which was bustling with activity. "Hey I'll go get us a table", said Ryan. David didn't seem to comprehend, he was too occupied letting his eyes follow a guy. "", said David astonishingly. "Who? Oh him? that's just Tyler.", replied Ryan; "He's a freshman..i think; yeah he's just not the same anymore, not after he quit the soccer team." "What do you mean?", inquired David. "I mean he's getting..kinda fat ya know?" David let his words echo through the caverns of his mind for a second, swiftly turned around and glanced at Tyler. He was just shy of six-foot one; He also had a knack for style, but today must have been one of his off days because he had on a red tank-top that fit all too snugly and black basketball shorts, also he seemed to tug his shirt down quite often. David was enchanted by the sight of how Tyler was attacking his food. “You know..WE CAN go and say ‘hi’ to him if you want”, said Ryan with an eyebrow raised and smirk on his face. “Yeah..yeah ok”, replied David hastily.



Peter said...

Can't wait for Part 2!

gaohui said...

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